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Table of Contents
1. Linutop TV
2. Library
Add Medias to the Library
Edit a template
Visual Mode
HTML Mode (for advanced users)
3. Playlist
Set up a playlist
Add and Organize medias in your Playlist
Modify your Playlist
4. Display your Playlist
5. Connect your Player to your Linutop TV account
Linutop TV online
Local Linutop TV

Chapter 1. Linutop TV

Linutop TV is an online Digital Signage Service.

Display your medias on your screens in 3 steps:

This tutorial will help you configure your own Playlist.

Chapter 2. Library

The Library is an online space where you can upload and stock your files (pictures, videos, musics, urls and templates). Upload your files in your Library by clicking on the "Add" button (located at the top of the Library).

Add Medias to the Library

Add a picture or a movie: Upload it from your computer.

Add an Internet website or video stream: Type the website that you would like to display.

Add a HTML page: Select a template, edit and name it.

Once the fields have been filled, click on "Submit" to upload data to your Library.

Note: The upload can take a few minutes depending of the size of your files.

The Library "Total Size" is limited to 1Gb (listed on the top of the Library panel).

To modify a template, click on the reading glass just opposite to the file. To remove a file from the Library, click on the cross just opposite to the file.

Linutop TV formats:

  • Videos (.avi, .mov, .mpg, .wma, .mp4, .flv)
  • Pictures (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png)
  • Audio (.mp3, .wav, .ogg, .flac)
  • URLs (http://, https://, ftp://, rtsp://)
  • HTML templates

Edit a template

A template is a html page which can be edited. You can place a picture or a text. Linutop TV offers some pre-edited models.

To add a Template, click on one of the pre-edited templates, then "Submit"

You are now able to configure the template according to two different methods.

Visual Mode

Select the text or the picture to change. In the left window, type the new text or upload the new picture and click "Submit".

HTML Mode (for advanced users)

Select the "Code" tab in the left window. You will access to the source code of the template. Any code modification will change immediatly the template preview.

Chapter 3. Playlist

A Playlist is a list of different medias, which are present in your Library.

Set up a playlist

  • Click on the drop-down list "Playlist / Create a Playlist"
  • Name it (only alphanumeric characters)
  • Your Playlist will appear in the drop-down menu

Add and Organize medias in your Playlist

Drag a media from your Library and drop it on your Playlist.


  • The Display time with the hh / mm / ss format for each media
  • The Display order (using drag and drop)

Delete a file from your Playlist by clicking on the red cross associated with the file (at the end of its line). It will be the same process to delete a Playlist or a loop.


The loops are used to organize the Playlist. They allow for example to:

  • Start to display a Playlist at a specified time
  • Choose to display your Playlist only the monday
  • Stop to display the Playlist and shut down the screen
  • ...

Add a loop by clicking on the "new loop" button.

  • From/To: Enter the loop starting and ending dates. If none, the loop will always be displayed.
  • Time/Duration: Enter the loop starting time (HH:MM format) and duration (HH:MM format).
  • Repeat: The Playlist will be displayed only on selected days.
  • OFF: If this button is checked, the screen will go to sleep instead of displaying data. The wake up will depend on the other loops timing.

Modify your Playlist

The Playlists are saved automatically after each change. The result will not be displayed immediatly on your screens

The displayed Playlist is updated every 30 minutes by default. This can be changed in the Linutop Kiosk configuration.

Additionally, the displayed loop changes after the current one has ended.

If you need or want to see your modifications sooner:

  • Validate your modifications on Linutop TV
  • Restart the Linutop Kiosk on your Linutop Player

To delete a Playlist, select it and click on the red cross on the right side of the "new loop" button.

Chapter 4. Display your Playlist

Once the playlist has been edited (files order, display time, loop, etc.), click on "Settings". A menu will allow you to associate a Player (screen) with a Playlist (created online).

Chapter 5. Connect your Player to your Linutop TV account

Linutop TV online

In order to display your Playlist, you need to connect your Player to your Linutop TV account.

On your Player, go to "Linutop" - "Configuration Panel".

On the "Install" tab, type your invoice number and email adress. Validate with the "Login" button.

A list of available configurations will appear in the frame bellow. Select the Linutop TV configuration in the list. Validate with the "Apply" button.

A message will confirm that the configuration has been applied. Leave the Configuration panel by clicking on "OK". The Linutop Kiosk software is now configured to display your online Playlist.

To see it, start the Linutop Kiosk : "Linutop" - "Linutop Kiosk - Launcher".

Local Linutop TV

On the Linutop Player web browser, log in Linutop TV and open the "Settings" window. Click on the screen number and copy the URL that will appear.

Go to "Linutop" - "Linutop Kiosk - Setup"

Click on "Online update (Linutop TV)" and paste your URL in the "Remote playlist" entry. Validate by clicking "OK".

Go back in the "Linutop" - "Linutop Kiosk - Launcher". Your Playlist will be displayed on your Player.