Digital Signage Solution

Linutop.TV is an online playlist edition and broadcast solution.

Brochure Linutop.TV

- Cloud server : Maximum flexibility
- Local server : Maximum privacy

Media players:
- On a LinutopXS
- On PC or Raspberry Pi with Linutop OS
- Directly on the web on a browser
Media formats:
- Images: jpg, png, gif.
- Documents : saved as PDF.
- Videos (HD): mp4, avi, flv, mov ...
- Sounds: mp3 ...
- HTML Web Pages: URL, flux IP ...
- HTML templates (programmable)


  • Economic: quick to implement
  • Online editing: From a web browser (no software to install).
  • Automatic diffusion: 24/7, works offline
  • Compatibility: Linutop computers, PCs or Raspberry Pi with Linutop OS


  • Companies
  • Education -Shops
  • Hotels - Associations
  • Museums - Tourist offices


  • Company welcome screen (lobby, meeting room, cafeteria)
  • Waiting room screen (staff room, clinic)
  • KPI dashboard (Factories)
  • Video broadcast (showcase, museum)
  • Audio broadcast (shop, mode)
  • Point of sale communication
  • Internal communication

Case studies

Chanels samples: