Remote digital signage service

Configure your display in 3 steps:

1. Upload your files on Linutop TV

Thanks to the Linutop TV library interface you can upload your files:

- vidos
- photos

From any computer login to your online Linutop TV account. "Add" an item from your computer to the library.

2. Create your display playlist

Organize your files and set up their display.

Drag and Drop files from the Linutop TV library to the playlist creation field and configure:
- the order,
- time to play,
- and time to display.

3. Display your playlist

Connect your display screens to your Linutop TV account.

Configure your Linutop OS to auto-launch your playlist on start. Connect to your Linutop TV account thru the "Linutop Configuration Panel" with your invoice number.

More details:

Linutop TV is an online playlist edition and broadcast service. It allows to realize playlists from your own medias and broadcast their display on your screens, continuoulsy with a low energy consumption for a simple and efficient proximity communication.

Once your playlist is activated Linutop Kiosk locally manage to diplay it on your screens. This software is included in Linutop OS.

Linutop OS is an operating system based on Ubuntu and optimized by Linutop.

Linutop OS will automatically configure your display systems to broadcast the contents of your Linutop TV account.

See Linutop TV interface

Easy to use in 3 steps
1.Upload your files on the server
2.Create your playlists
3.Broadcast on your screens !

Download Linutop TV User manual
Documentation Linutop TV